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Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Kumpulan soal / Questions bank

These are Question Bank Aliaz Kumpulan Soal yang diambil dari sources and created by me... Wish these help you...


1.      I Have ….idea. Let’s go on ….  picnic Saturday [1]
a.       An, a
b.      An, the
c.       A, an
d.      A, the
2.      A : Did you have fun at …  picnic yesterday? [2]
B : Sure did.
a.       A
b.      The
c.       An
d.      On
3.      A: Do you see my boots?
B: They are in … closet in … front hall way [3]
a.       the, the
b.      a, a
c.       the, a
d.      a, the
4.      Anita buys a new Bag. … bag is purple.
a.    a
b.    the
c.     An
d.   Of

5.      Gold is … valuable metal
a.       The
b.      An
c.       A
d.      One
6.      Mr. Kenneth work at PT.Jayabaya as …  manager
a.       The
b.      An
c.       Is
d.      A
7.      She is … honest girl.
a.       The
b.      A
c.       An
d.      So
8.      Mr. James is …  doctor . He had been …. Doctor since 2001.
a.       A, a
b.      A, an
c.       The, the
d.      The, an
9.      There are many things in … world. There are …. sun, … many people, the animal and others things.
a.       A, a, the
b.      The, the, the
c.       The, the, ǿ
d.      The, the, a
10.  Last week, I went to Mexico. … gulf of Mexico has a beauty scenery.
a.       These
b.      The
c.       A
d.      An
11.  I think you’ll get … if you set off at this hour.
a.       Traffics
b.      A traffic jams
c.       A traffic
d.      A traffic jam
12.  … on VOA is really interesting [4]
a.       A news
b.      An news
c.       News
d.      The news

Modal  Auxiliary
13.  Albert      : No one answer when I knocked at your door yesterday evening
        Billy   : Oh, I …. A that time
a.       May be out
b.      Might be out (B)
c.       Must have been out
d.      Would be out
14.  The satelite couldn’t be attracted by the officer in the earth satellite.  There … something wrong with the computer system in the satellite.
a.       might be
b.      must be
c.       would be
d.      should be
e.       must have been
15.     When I was a child my mother … read me story every night
a.       should have
b.      ought to
c.       would
d.      must
e.       might
16.        The children went to school by taxi, but they arrived late. The driver … have taken them      around.
a.       may
b.      must
c.       could
d.      should
e.       ought to
17.  When he got home, we found the front door open .Somebody … entered the house while we             were away.
a.          could
b.         would have
c.          should have
d.         ought to have
e.          must have
18.  Andre  : Why weren’t you at Yanti’s birthday party last night?
        Andri : Oh, I … overtime.
a.    must work
b.   must have worked
c.    should work
d.   ought to have worked
e.    had to work
19.  A : I didn’t see Elli at Rina’s party
      B : Oh, she … for her class presentation
           on Monday
a.    had to prepare
b.   must prepare
c.    ought to have prepared
d.   should prepare
e.    could prepare
20.  Brenda’s score on the test is the highest in the class … [5]
a.    she should study hard in last night
b.   She should have studied hard night
c.    She must have studied hard last night
d.   she had to study hard last night
21.  To Learn about TOEFL you ... every day. [6]
a.    Must study (A)
b.   Have study
c.    Must studies
d.   Ought study
22.  I cant hear the sound of television, my brother … television now.[7]
a.    Must be watching
b.   Must watch
c.    Must watching
d.   Must have watching
23.  She Should … my raincoat, it’s raining.
a.    Bring
b.   Brought
c.    Bringing
d.   Brings
24.  I couldn’t find Nana and Lisa, they … in the library after class.
a.    Must be
b.   Must have be
c.    Must have being
d.   Must have been

Include            : Personal pronoun, possessive pronoun and reflexive pronoun
25.  I have a brother. …. is nine years old.
a.    She
b.   He
c.    Her
d.   His
26.  … mother is best woman for me. I love … so much
a.    My, she
b.   I, her
c.    My, her
d.   Mine, her
27.     A:  Let … a lone!
        B: I can let …. A lone.
a.    I, your
b.   Me, you
c.    My, you
d.   Mine, you
28.     My father is diligent. … usually help …
a.    I, he
b.   My, he
c.    Me, him
d.   I, him
29.     My cat’s name is Catty. … food is little fishes
a.    She
b.   He
c.    Its
d.   It
30.     A : Shin, I find this in my table. This
             book isn’t mine. Is it …?
        B : No, that’s …
a. Yours, him
b.Yours ,his (B)
c. Your, his
d.      You, his
31.     Rharan     : You buy new dress,don’t
                           you? What a beautiful it is!
        Vira          : Yes, this is …. new dress.
a.    Mine
b.   I
c.    Me
d.   My
32.        I don’t know understand why he objected to … the meeting[8]
a.    We come
b.   Our coming
c.    We had come
d.   Ourselves
33.     My friends enjoy … at the theare.
a.    Themselves
b.   Them self
c.    Theirselves
d.   Theirself
34.     He said that he wasn’t there but I saw him …
a.    Himself
b.   Myself
c.    By myself
d.   My selves
35.     The boy cuts … with a knife
a.    Herself
b.   Hisself
c.    Himself (C)
d.   Heself
36.     Bryan       : Jun, You must do this work  
                          … !  I can’t help you.
        Jun           : Okay. I’ll do it by …
a.    by your self, myself
b.    yourselves, mine
c.    himself, my self
d.   by yourselves, Me
37.     She is my friend. I love … so much.
a.       Her
b.      she
c.       herself
d.      hers
38.     We do it by …
a.       our
b.      ourselves
c.       ourself
d.      us
39.  Snake has a  jaw structure that permits it to eat animals much langer than …[9]
a. It self
b. It
c. Its self
d. It is
40.  After Jane comes back, she and … are going to Borobudur.
a.    I
b.   Me
c.    Him
d.   My
41.  Your achievement in the physics Olympic has surprised …
a.    They
b.   Them
c.    Their
d.   We
42.  It is …, whom people consider the best candidate for the head of Human Resource Department.
a.       He
b.      Him
c.       him
d.      we
43.  You should talk to … if you want the information.
a.       She
b.      Herself
c.       Her
d.      Hers
44.  Would you please let ….  Go ?
a.       His
b.      He
c.       Himself
d.      Him
45.  Jane always laugh at … when she does something stupid,[10]
a.       She
b.      Her
c.       Herself
d.      Hers

46.  You should give … a rest or you will get sick.
a.       You
b.      Yours
c.       Your
d.      Yourself

47.  When I was child, I … dance well.
a.       Can
b.      Could
c.       Am able to
d.      Could be
48.  Grand Father could … the tree when he was young.
a.       Be cut
b.      Cutting
c.       Cut
d.      To cut
49.  Tom … reach Alpen Mountain in 1990.
a.       Was able to
b.      Could
c.       Able to
d.      Be able to
50.  She was ……… run 10 miles yesterday without stopping or slowing down
a.    able to
b.    ability to
c.    Can
d.   could
51.  …… you speak English last year ago ?
a.    can
b.   could
c.    be able to
d.   should
52.  Helen … come to my party last night because he was sick.
a.    can
b.   can not
c.    couldn’t
d.   could
53.  I … enjoy my sleep last night because there was many mosquitoes there.
a.       could not
b.      can not
c.       am not able to
d.      was not able to
54.  I …sing many songs when I was child. After I get, that incident, I can’t sing again.
a.       Can
b.      Could
c.       Am able
d.      Can to
55.  My brother … ran 8km without stop.
a.       Was able
b.      Able
c.       Was able to
d.      Could

a Few, Few, and a little, little
56.  Do you have … minutes? I’d like to ask you … questions[11]
a.       few, a  few
b.      A few, few
c.       A few, few
d.      Few, few
57.  I don’t like a lot of salt on ny food. I add … salt to my food[12]
a.       Little
b.      A little
c.       Few
d.      A few
58.  I like music. I like listen to … music after dinner before I begin studying.[13]
a.       A little
b.      A little
c.        Few
d.      A few
59.  After Royned tasted the soup, he added … salt of it.[14]
a.       Little
b.      A little
c.       Few
d.      A few
60.  I have (very) … money. I don’t even have enough money to buy food for dinner.[15]
a.       Little
b.      A little
c.       Few
d.      A few
61.  A  : Are you finished?[16]
B  : Not yet, I need … more minutes.
a. little
b. a little
c. few
d. a few
62.  A  : Are you finished?[17]
B  : Not yet, I needed … more time.
a. ;little
b. a little
c. few
d. a few
63.  My mother told me that she has … worry about my future.[18]
a.       A few
b.      A little
c.       Another
d.      Many more
64.  It will take … time, but I’ m sure you ‘ll be able if you always try.
a.       Little
b.      A little
c.       Few
d.      A few
65.  Unfortunately, I don’t have … money to go to England.
a.       Little
b.      A little
c.       Few
d.      A few

a lot of, lots of
66.   I buy … of new dresses
a.        A lots of
b.      A lot of
c.       Lot of
d.      Any
67.  Rani         : Brother, is mother  boiling … water?
Chandra   : Yes sister. Mother is boiling … water.
a.       A lot of
b.      Many
c.       Much
d.      A lots of
68.  A : What did you buy yesterday?
B : I Bought … golden rings.
a.       A lot
b.      Lot of
c.       Lots of
d.      Any
69.  How … water do you drink every day?[19]
a.       Many
b.      Much
c.       Lots of
d.      Very
70.  I have …. Of friends.\
a.       Much
b.      Very
c.       Lots
d.      Many
71.  Do you have … ants in your house?[20]
a.       Much
b.      Many
c.       A lot
d.      Very
72.   I don’t have … money now. Oh, How pity I am.
a.       Many
b.      Much
c.       A lot of
d.      Lots of
73.  A : for give me please if I’ve made … mistkakes.
B : Sure.
a.       Many of
b.      Much of
c.       A lot of
d.      A lots of
74.  I like listening to Westlife’s songs. But, I only remember … lyrics of their songs
a.       Lots of (A)
b.      Many of
c.       Much of
d.      Any
75.  How … books do you usually read everyday?
a.       A lot of
b.      Lots of
c.       Much
d.      Many
Some and any
76.  She is going to Bengkulu on Holiday  with  … friends.
a.       Some
b.      Any
c.       Something
d.      Anything
77.  Do you have … about this person?[21]
a.       Some
b.      information
c.       Any information (b)
d.      An information
e.       The informations
78.   Wasn’t there … problem about your tax last year? I remember you telling me about it.
a.       Some
b.      Any (B)
c.       Something
d.      Anything
79.  I am going on holiday next month, but haven’t you got … important work to finish?
a.       Some
b.      Any (B)
c.       Something
d.      Anything
80.  I don’t find … here
a.       Some
b.      Any
c.       Something
d.      Anything (D)

81.     There is … hides behind the tree.
a.       Someone
b.      Anyone
c.       No one
d.      Some
82.     Mother buys … sugar
a.       Many
b.      Someany
c.       Any
d.      Some
83.     A: Do you bring … books?
B: Yes, I bring … books in my bag.
a.       Any, any
b.      Some, any
c.       Some, any
d.      Any, some
84.     A: I went to your home yesterday, but there was no answer.
B: Yes, because … In my home.
a. There was not one
b. There was no body
c. There is no someone
d. There is not body
85.     April        : Do you buy any salt, mom?
Mom        : No, I don’t buy … sugar
a.       Any
b.      Some
c.       Few
d.      A few
86.     A: Do you have … time
B: No, I have no. There is … waiting me now.
a. anyone,someone
b. someone
c. any,anyone
d. some,anyone
87.     During a long Monetary crisis in that
       country, children are starving …[22]
a.       In greater numbers
b.      In more numbers
c.       Greater numbers
d.      More numbers
88.     Frost occurs in valleys and on Low
        grounds … on adjacent hills.[23]
a.       more frequently than
b.      frequently than
c.       as frequently than
d.      more frequently as
89.                     O    O      o
     Circle A, Circle B, circle C. All statement is right, except…
a.    Cicle B is bigger than cicle C
b.   Circle C is bigger than circle B
c.    Circle B is the biggest of All
d.   Circle C bigger than A
90.  Ani is 12 years old and Budi is 9 years old. It means that Ani … Budi
a.    Is older than
b.   Older than
c.    Is older
d.   Is older of
91.  Biili is 19 years old and Bryan is too. Billi is … Bryan [24]
a.    As age as
b.   As old as
c.    As age like
d.   As old like
92.  Arini          : I buy my bag Rp 60.000,- How about you?
      Goldan      : I buy my new Rp 75.000,-
      Arini          : Oh,your bag is … mine
a.    Expensive than
b.   More expensive as
c.    More expensive of
d.   More expensive than
93.  Helen gets “80”. I’s good mark. Rharan gets “90”. Her mark is … than Helen and Ran Mori gets “100”. Her gets … mark of all
a.    Gooder, goodest
b.   More good, most good
c.    Better, the best
d.   Good more, best
94.  I need … information about this school
a.       Further (A)
b.      Father
c.       Farer
d.      More fare
95.  Jhon’s car is … mine [25]
a.       Slower than
b.      More slower than
c.       Slower that
d.      More slower that
96.  The harder you study … you will be.[26]
a.       Clever
b.      The cleverer
c.       More cleverer
d.      The cleverer
97.  Budi is very happy because his mark is getting … (page 201, num5)
a.       Better and better (R)
b.      More better and better
c.       More and more better
d.      Better and more better
98.  … the imported English dictionaries have information about pronounciation[27]
a.       Most
b.      Most of (B)
c.       The Most
d.      To the most
99.   It’s undeniable that concorde flies … [28]
a.       Fast
b.      Fastest
c.       Fastly
d.      Fastness
100.  While working part time at Starcbuck, Susan can  bring home… a thOusand dollars A month. [29]
a.       As many as
b.      As much as
c.       As many to
d.      As much to
101.    Mr.Duncan is a noted economist … [30]
a.       As well as an effective lecturer
b.      And too efficient lecture
c.       But he gives lecture very good
d.      However he gives lecture very good also
102.    I am sure that their flight from London to New York was delayed … the heavy fog.[31]
a.       Because
b.      Because of
c.       As a result
d.      As it is caused
103. The Job applicant was worried about the interview … He was well preparated.[32]
a.       Even though
b.      Unless
c.       If
d.      Because
104.    Employers often require that candidates have not only degree in accounting …[33]
a.       But three years experience
b.      Also three years experience
c.       But also three years experience
d.      But three years experiences
105. Shirley Temple Black is not only an artist … a politician[34]
a.       But also (A)
b.      Also
c.       And
d.      As well as
106.    In the world War II, many spies lived in other countries … they could get information
         which was needed the government.
a.       So
b.      So that (B)
c.       That
d.      because
107. Yesterday Helen went to my home, …  there weren’t me there.
a.       But
b.      And
c.       Then
d.      Although
108.                                        Lian : What did your father say  when you told him you had lost all your money?
         Helen      : He was so angry … he
                         couldn’t say anything.
a.       Therefore
b.       After
c.       That
d.      So
109. Shirley Tempe Black is not only an artist …. A politician
a.       But also
b.      Also
c.       That
d.      As well as
110. I study hard … I can gain good mark.[35]
a.       So
b.      So that
c.       That
d.      Because
Used To and be Used to
111.    Many people from Indonesia that live in the United States of America .. cereal for breakfast like many americans do.[36]
a. Are not used to eating
b.Not use to eating
c. Not use to eat
d.                        Are not used to eat
112.    X: Lets go swimming together[37]
         Y: I am sorry I never swim, but i… last year
a.          Used to swim
b.         Used to swimming
c.          Get use to swim
d.         Get use to swimming
113.    Ita always goes to scholl by car, but three years ago, she always went to school on foot. The underline words can be express ….[38]
a.       Used to go to school
b.      Get Used to go to school
c.       Always gets use to go to school
d.      Had gone to school
114.    Mr. Ali has lived in indonesia for four years. Now he … indonesian food[39]
a.       Used to eat
b.      Got Used to eating
c.       Is used to eating
d.      Used to eating
115.    Mrs. Junaida lived in England five years ago, so at that time she … English.[40]
a.       Speaks
b.      Got Used to speaking
c.       Is Used to speaking
d.      Always speaks
116.    When I studied in america, I was used … all day.[41]
a.       Study
b.      To study
c.       To studying
d.      Studied
117.    Caroline came to Indonesia last year and now she gets used … indonesian food.[42]
a.       Ate
b.      To eat
c.       To eating
d.      Eats
118.    Ahmad used … to school by bike in  elementary school, about two years ago.
a.       Go
b.      To go
c.       To going
d.      Going
119. Jack used to … in Chicago[43]
a.       Live
b.      Lives
c.       Living
d.      Be live
120.  I … used to sitting at this desk. I sit here every day.[44]
a.       Am
b.      Ø
c.       Was
d.      Always
121. What did you … do on summers days when you were a child.[45]
a.       Used to
b.      Using to
c.       Use to
d.      used
122. Mr. Tanaka has his car… as soon as possible
a.       To repair
b.      repaired
c.       be repaired
d.      repairing
123.    Mr. Ahmad got the students … their test before 10:00[46]
a.    to finish
b.   finished
c.    be finished
d.   finish
e.    must finish
124.    Mr. Bardi had his house …
a.       to paint
b.      be painted
c.       repainted
d.      to be repainted
e.       to paint
125.    The story of the movie has made me … my life too much[47]
a.       To thinking about
b.      think about
c.       thought about
d.       thinking about
e.       to be thought of
126.    Jhon let me … his new car.
a.       drive
b.      drove
c.        driven
d.      To driving
e.       To drive
127.    My Brother helped me … my car.[48]
a.       To wash
b.      washes
c.       wash
d.      washing
e.       to washing
128.    She wanted her book ….
a.       took
b.      to take
c.       taking
d.      takes
e.       taken
129.    If you don’ have time to write all those letters, you can …[49]
a.    write them now
b.   get to write them now
c.    have them written now
d.   type them now
e.    have them to be written
130.    The man had his car washed because it was very dirty. This sentence means that…
a.       the man washed the car
b.      the man is washing his car now
c.       the man was washing his car
d.      because it was dirty, the man washed his car
e.       someone washed the car for the man
131.    Mary Jane has her daughter … to school by heself
a.       Goes
b.      Go (b)
c.       Went
d.      To go

***GooD LuCk YaCH…..***

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Assalamualaikum.w.w Ada nya blog ini untuk saling share. Let's share each others. Buat nambah info n pengetahuan. Kalo ada Kekurangan Sana Sini di Blog ini, Tolong kritik and sarannya iyyach. Bukan sekedar kritik, tapi ada solusi yang membangun. I’m not perfect one. But, I’ll do Best for everything. I'm simple one. I believe I can, then I do...

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