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Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Contoh Narative Text.

Mrs.Marfuah and Old Heritage Ring

          Once upon a time, in a village which is far from the town, there was an old woman lived with her only daughter. She called Mrs.MArfu. Her  husband had died since her daughter was 5 years old. Her daughter,Ecy kept on bed for a long time be cause of sick (Orientation)

          One day, Mrs.MArfu was confused. There was no rice in their kitchen. There was no money anymore. She only had a gold ring, old inheritance from her had been saved in along time.(Complication 1)
          On the next day,Mrs.MArfu went to the gold shop in her village. Then,She sold the ring and got enough money  for buying rice for next month to come. The remain was used for buying egss. (Resolution 1)
          At home, she talked with her son. They made some conversation although her daughter was in Cough.
          “Ecy, now we can eat. These all for us, my daughter. Tomorrow, mom will look for wood like usual and we can save the money”said her happily.
          But she was confused, ecy didn’r respond her last sentence.
          “You have slept,haven’t you?”said her by touching ecy’s shoulder.(complication 2)
          It appeared that Ecy had gone back to God. Mrs.MArfu was very sad because was left by her only daughter after she had sold ring. But,She was sincere with all thing happened as sincere as when was left by her husband. Now, Mrs.MArfu lived a lone sincerely ever after. (resolution 2)

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