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Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Introduction of Elements of Poems/poetry

Introduction of Elements of Poems/poetry

The elements : 1. Meaning                2.Devices
Ø  Meaning
-      General Meaning       : What is the meaning of whole point in whole poem about
-      Detail Meaning          : should be given stanza by stanza

Ø  Devices
1.     Structural Devices
a.    Contrast => Occurs when we find the opposite picture side by side
b.    Illustration => Express vivid picture clearly
c.    Repetition => Repeat single lines or stanza to emphasize a particular idea
2.    Sense Devices
a.    Simile => Direct comparison of two things by using the word : “like”, “as” or “such as”
b.    Metaphor => It’s also comparison, like simile, but without the word : “like”, “as” or “such as”.
c.    Personification => Occurs when inanimate objects are given human form or when they are made to speak in the poem.
3.    Sounds Devices
a.    Alliteration
b.    Rhyme
c.    Onomatopoeia
d.    Assonance

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